About Aydan Büşra Çelik

Hello there! My name is Aydan Büşra Çelik. I am a 19-year-old rising sophmore at Princeton University planning to major in civil engineering with a certificate in entrepreneurship. I am a first-generation student of Turkish-Azeri descent raised in Bergen County, New Jersey.

If there is one word I would use to decribe myself, it would be multifaceted. I have many interests that I pursue through various projects. However, what makes my work different is my approach and inspiration behind them. I make sure everything I do has a purpose and meaning.

Listed below are some of the areas I have experience in. You could also view my work and future projects in the work tabs on the right corners of this page. Feel feel to contact me or follow me on social media if you want to work with me!

Web Design
Product Design
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Contact Aydan Büşra Çelik

If you have any questions, would like me to work on a project with you, would like to hire me, or want to join in on one of my projects, feel free to email me at:


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